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Athlete Profile - Erin Gil

Athlete Profile - Erin Gil

We love our team members and enjoy sharing celebrating their stories and successes in competition and life. Learn about Cyclocross rider Erin Gil in his own words below.

In search of life’s balance…

That’s where most of us find ourselves. 

After competing at different levels of swimming, attending two junior Olympics as well as playing highly competitive division one collegiate water polo, I thought I was done with the rigors of team athletics. 

Operating a small family farm, nursery, participating in non-profits and raising two children left little time for keeping fit. After all that was a past life chapter. Years pass quickly as does your physical fitness and health, if not tended to. 

As a result, found myself 60 lbs. overweight facing the onset of type II diabetes as well as other health issues and approaching the fifty-year mark. In my mind there were two ways to go – the second - a further decline in health was not an option. 

Mountain biking was always a great way to get outside exercise. That lead to road biking which took less time in getting a workout and keeping cycling regular. Participating in a local bicycle fitness and fundraising team, the Big Ring Riders, reopened an athletic door to a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

 Meeting Pat Miller on a group Saturday ride opened the door wider.  Pat Miller, invited any and all comers to give cyclocross a try, so we gave it a go through ZAAVY Factory Racing.  

Endurance sports are funny; they challenge a person in so many ways and take time to learn the intricacies of the sport.  Cyclocross is one of those sports.  It looks easy as a spectator.  

As a participant, well…. that’s a different story.  But frankly, that’s where the challenge lies. Keeping actively growing is part of the balance equation and what could be more rewarding than having a resource to bring more success? 

That leads to “The Fast Forward.”  Pat’s enthusiasm and knowledge promises to bridge quite a few of the gaps. Without a doubt it will. It already has for me, before it began. 

Thanks for bringing this to life, Pat! 


Riding for a cause - The Big Ring Riders

Riding for a cause - The Big Ring Riders

Endurance Sports Benefits

Endurance Sports Benefits