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Everyday Carry #1 - Training ride up to 90 minutes

Everyday Carry #1 - Training ride up to 90 minutes

I'm often asked about what I carry on the bike and in my jersey pockets on rides. There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing what to pack into jersey pockets or a saddle bag. 

My workouts are determined by a set amount of time that I am to spend on the bike. A majority of my rides are from 60-90 minutes and on well kept roads. I typically pack a very minimal load with the bare necessities. I'm usually hydrated and well fueled BEFORE my workout. That means I don't feel the need to use more than 1 bottle and 1 gel unless it's super hot outside. My bikes are well maintained and examined before and after EVERY ride (See our "Bike Check" post) so I'm not expecting to perform road side service unless there are external factors involved like debris or a crash. 

Here's my preferred summer set-up:

On the bike -

Garmin 520 computer - For a sub 90 minute ride, chances are that I know my route or can remember the roads so I won't require turn by turn directions. The 520 is the perfect little companion for seeing just my critical training data. And yes, I do loop the little leash around my handlebars like a luggage tag to ensure the my computer doesn't eject over a bumpy section of pavement. 

24 oz Camelback Podium bottle - I chose this model bottle for our team this season due to the dependable closure mechanism and clean design. If I'm riding more than 90 minutes I'll grab second bottle every time. You can usually find a scoop or two of SiS GO Electrolyte powder inside. You can snag your very own team THEFASTFORWARD bottle here.

The Saddlebag -

Fizik 00 Bag - In the warm summer months I especially opt for a saddlebag vs a large jersey wallet to hold some critical spare parts. I choose the "Fizik 00" bag for the following reasons: It's simple and sturdy 1 velcro strap design fits all of my saddles, it's protective hard case keeps things clean and tidy, the zipper is easy and simple to use. 

Inside the Saddlebag -

CO2s - I recommend two 12gram threaded cartridges with a very simple "Genuine Innovations Air Chuck" inflator. It's easy to use and with 2 cartridges I have backup or the ability to fix 2 flats in one ride.

Spare tube - 1 spare tube with the appropriate length valve for your wheel. I have grabbed the wrong length valve before and struggled to replace the tube on the road. For example, make sure you have a valve adaptor or long valve if you are running 60mm deep wheels!  

Patches - Park GP2 glue-less patches and sandpaper. These are a simple fix if you've burned your spare tube already. As easy as finding the hole in the tube and placing a sticker over it. 

Tire Iron - 1 tiny foldable tire iron from Knog is all I need in my kit. I'm yet to snap one of these and its super small when folded up. 

On my body - 

Eyewear - Oakley Jawbreaker glasses. Glasses are a must have on the road for me. Protecting your eyes from debris and sunlight is critical, especially at 20+ mph. I choose these glasses for the following reasons: Adjustable arms that can shorten and NOT rub uncomfortably with my helmet, interchangeable lenses for varied conditions, maximum coverage for facial protection, vented lenses that prevent fogging. 

Wahoo Tickr - I've found the battery life, accuracy and comfort superior to the Garmin heart rate straps. 

iPhone in sunglass pouch - I'll often times store my phone inside of my sunglasses pouch in case I need the pouch as a rag or to clean debris from my glasses. Also sometimes included in the pouch will be an "In case of Emergency card" if I'm not wearing a "Road ID" bracelet. 

Gel - One Science in Sport "Go Isontonic gel" in my jersey pocket. On a tough training ride I've grabbed this for a change of taste from my water bottle. The SiS Gels don't require water and are easy to open on the fly. I've also happily given the gel to another rider on the road. As an ambassador of their products it's fun to provide an unexpected boost to a training partner and/or fellow cyclist on the road. 

Other options -

Frame pump - I love my Silca frame pump, it lives on my steel road bike and works beautifully instead of a C02 option. 

Multi-tool - If I'm doing a mixed terrain ride or an off road ride I'll have a multitool in my jersey wallet or saddlebag (this requires using a larger bag than the Fizik 00 mentioned above). Riding on trails presents a new set of the unknown relative to rocks, ruts roots and mud. Having a tool like the Pedro's ICM 17 function multi tool ensures that I can fix many surprises on the trail. 

Jersey wallet - Rapha Essentials Case or Lezyne Caddy Sack. I'll use one of these in place of a saddlebag in cooler months where I don't mind the extra weight in my middle back jersey pocket.

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