Ryan Grenier

Elite & Master's Elite racer from the East Bay.  

Ryan started out competitively racing mountain bikes on the East Coast back in high school in the early 90’s and went on to join the Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado to compete on a number one nationally ranked team.  That passion in training and fitness lead him to receive a  B.S. degree in exercise science.  Since graduating college,  he has worked as a personal trainer in the SF Bay Area continuing his education in nutrition, conditioning, strength training, injury prevention and pursuing an elite level competitive cycling career.  

Learn more about Ryan's coaching philosophy and qualifications below. You can sign up for a year of coaching with Ryan via our Products/Services page. 

“Hard work on the bike alone does not equate to success”.


  • 3 Years experience in coaching with power meter and heart rate monitors

  • Certified in Functional Movement Screening (F.M.S.)

  • World Kettle Bell Club  (W.K.C.)

  • T.R.X. (Total Body Weight Training)

  • Pre/Post Natal Certified

  • Nutrition expert for competitive cyclists tailored specifically for: race/performance day, days off the bike, training days and weight management

  • Resistance training specifically for testosterone/hormone management


Based  specific availability, he will design a program emphasizing quality interval training while mastering the art of recovery.  Conditioning and training does not just happen alone on the bike, it comes from understanding nutritional needs and managing aches and pains.  

“Trainer smarter, NOT necessarily harder”.


1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, FTP/Power Testing, Strength Training, Nutrition, Mental Skills, Resistance Training, Therapy/Recovery Techniques